Guiding export lime and calcined dolomite


The Ministry of Construction has issued Circular No. 09/2017/TT-BXD dated 5th June 2017 on guiding the export of lime and calcined dolomite.

Accordingly, industrial export lime and calcined dolomite must meet the conditions such as:

      - Produced from industrial production facilities included in the lime industry development Planning (plan up to 2020 and orientated to 2030), already approved by the Competent Authorities.

      - The volume of lime and calcined dolomite for export from each production base has not to exceed the capacity permitted by Competent Authorities according to the Plan.

      - When export, business has to submit copy of Mineral Exploitation License to customs office.

For lime, manually calcined dolomite for export has to meet the following conditions:

      - Lime and dolomite products for export from manual production bases shall be gradually reduced according to the roadmap for elimination by the Competent Authorities, ensuring the export of lime and manually calcined dolomite is stopped after 2020.

      - Basing on the balancing of the demand for domestic and export, and policy of Compentent Authorities.

      - When export, business has to submit the copy of Mineral Exploitation License to customs office.

This Circular applies to lime products (HS code 2522.10.00, HS 2522.20.000; HS 2522.30.00) and calcined dolomite (HS code 2518.20.00).

This Circular shall take effect from 25/7/2017.